Demodex Mites – I Have WHAT in my Eyelids?


Demodex Mites – I have WHAT in my eyelids?


Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids which is frequently diagnosed during an eye examination. Symptoms can include burning, itchy and irritated sore eyes. One of the more common causes of blepharitis is an infestation of the Demodex mite. 


It is estimated that up to 44% of patients with blepharitis have Demodex with this percentage increasing to 100% of all patients aged 70 years and over. 

While most of us live quiet happily with our mite mates, it is when their numbers get to high that we can start to the physical signs of an infestation with associated dry eye symptoms. 


As a part of our in office dry eye treatment, Eyecare Eyewear includes a treatment with Oust Demodex Cleanser. The life cycle of these mites is approximately 14 days so we usually repeat these treatments fortnightly until we have addressed the problem. 


So if you’re having problems irritated sore eyes, I would recommend a visit to your optometrist to see if you mite mates are to blame.