Avulux Migraine Glasses

Avulux Migraine Glasses

Avulux is a precision lens filter that alters the wavelengths of light that enter the eye. Research has found that migraine suffers are more likely to experience pain when they are exposed to certain wavelengths of light. 

These precision lens technology filters work by blocking out 97% of the wavelengths of light that cause migraine. It is estimated that up to 60% of migraines is due to being exposed to light with some wavelengths of light more likely to overexcite some of the cells at the back of the eye, triggering a light induced pain response. By addressing this form of visual stress, it has been proven that patients are far less likely to progress to the point of migraine. 

Avulux specifically blocks light in the blue, amber and red parts of the spectrum while allowing more of the green light to pass through the lens. 

There are two main ways that patients use Avulux lenses. Some prefer to use them when they detect signs of a pending migraine, while others prefer to wear the lenses full time as a preventative measure. 

Currently, Avulux is the only light sensitivity lens to ever be proven effective for migraine at the highest level of clinical testing. More information about specifics of how these lenses work and the studies that have proven the effectiveness of these lenses can be found at: https://avulux.com/

If you are interested in Avulux migraine glasses, we are able to provide a trial of these lenses, in the form of fit over glasses, so that you see if they work for you before investing in this technology.