What Does it Mean If My Child Fails a School Vision Screening?

What Does it Mean If My Child Fails a School Vision Screening?

In general a school screening result that recommends a referral to an optometrist is not something that you should ignore. 

A study conducted by local researchers at the Queensland University of Technology has found that children who failed a vision screening scored significantly lower on their National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy scores (NAPLAN). The results provide further evidence relating the link between vision and learning problems. 

It is important to note that the school vision screening which was conducted by this research group used the gold standard protocol for screenings. Unfortunately our current State Government funded school based vision screenings do not even use 1/5th of the tests recommended by the study’s screening protocol. 

So if your child fails a screening, or if they are having problems with academic achievement at school, it is possible that they have a significant problem with vision and should be assessed by an optometrist. 

Reference: White S., Wood J., Black A. & Hopkins S. Vision Screening Outcomes of Grade 3 Children in Australia: Difference in Academic Achievement. International Journal of Education Research Vol 83, 2017 P154-159.