Dry Eye Treatment


Dry eye is often overlooked as a trivial problem and patients given some drops and advised to just deal with it. We understand how debilitating it can be, not only to vision, but also to quality of life. Having invested in equipment specifically design to address dry eyes, we are able to recommend a customised treatment for your ocular surface dryness.


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The Dry Eye Assessment

Additional testing is important to confirm the type and extent of dry eyes. This includes examination of the eyes with a biomicroscope, using coloured stains to assess tear quality and function. We also have access to tear volume assessments and anterior segment photography to document our findings. 


Conservative Management

There are numerous products that we recommend to reduce ocular surface inflammation, improve tear quantity and quality. These include both prescription and non-prescription products.

Research also directs us to recommend dietary interventions and supplements for some cases of dry eyes. (Omega 3 fish oil supplements)


In-office Procedures

When conservative measures are not enough to break the cycle of dry eye, some time we need to resort to additional procedures. In addition to more potent prescription eye drops, we often recommend the following: Optilight IPL treatment, eyelash and eyelid cleaning, eyelid margin debridement, blepharosteam and meibomian gland expression.

Meet Our Optometrist – Tom Roger

The Eyecare Eyewear Optometry Team has been trained to provided you with comprehensive, personalised advice regarding your current and future visual needs. The combination of years of experience and an accomplished, professional optical dispensing team means that you will receive the highest level in vision care and ocular disease management.