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Assessments of the efficiency of the visual system and the ability of the visual system to process visual information are of critical importance to the learning process. Deficits in these skills can contribute to reading, writing and attentional control problems.



What is Behavioural Optometry?

Behavioural or neurodevelopmental optometry is a holistic approach to vision care that involves that detailed analysis of visual skills.

The goal of this approach is prevent vision problems by providing support or by develop visual skills to ensure they match the visual demands of the individual.


What Skills are Assessed?

Tests of visual efficiency include the ability of the two eyes to work together (stereoacuity), in addition to the strength, stamina and flexibility of the binocular (eyes working together) system.

Visual perceptual assessments include those which ascertain how well the brain interprets visual information and provides an appropriate instructions for body movements.

What Interventions are Recommended?

Lenses are frequently prescribed to support the visual system in terms of focusing, eye alignment or glare/colour regulation.

Vision therapy is prescribed to develop or rehabilitate essential visual skills.


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